If you have any more questions about how the Oxford Word Doctor team can work with you, please call us on 07788182975 or email us at fiona@oxfordworddoctor.com

How do we charge?

How do we start projects?

What if your requirements for a project change?

How do we communicate with you?

1. Where is Oxford Word Doctor's client base?

We provide freelance copywriting, editing, web content development and proofreading to clients across the UK and in China: we aim to keep overheads and fees low by utilizing email and telephone contact with you whenever possible. However, we are always very happy to meet clients for face-to-face project development: if this is viable from our bases in Oxford and London! We work with businesses and students.

2. How do we charge?

Once Oxford Word Doctor and a client have mutually agreed terms, a quotation is always given to you, so that the costs of any project are transparent before work commences!


Copywriting/writing - Fee calculated per project
Proofreading - an emailed sample page can determine the amount of work required Fee calculated per project
Web content development - Fee calculated per project

To begin a project, Oxford Word Doctor requires a 50% deposit, in GB pounds, either by cheque, direct bank transfer, International Money Order or through PayPal.

3. How do we start projects?

We start by agreeing the brief to establish precisely what you want our team to deliver. For example, for a copywriting project this would involve determining content, style, audience, format, length, interviews and research required and deadlines.

4. What if your requirements for a project change?

The brief should be detailed and precise: that's why it's so important. If your requirements alter substantially, then we may need to re-quote - but we do try to be as creative and flexible as possible! Our agreement allows you two rewrites or 're-thinks' but these must be requested within 14 days of receipt of a product, be that copy or web content development. Additional revisions would be billed at our hourly rates.

5. How do we communicate with you?

It makes sense to run the majority of projects remotely, using the internet to communicate with you via email and negotiating by telephone.

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